Welcome to Mia Michaels Live!

Welcome to the beginning of something very special…A unique passion project that I have created from the ground up. It is a global online monthly subscription master class and mentoring series program created exclusively for dancers, choreographers, teachers, studio owners, artists, and dance lovers. A one of a kind experience designed to not only give you insight into my world, but to simply and in raw form inspire, train and challenge you to reach your highest potential as an artist. I will help you unlock your inner unicorn as well as challenge you artistically and physically beyond your limits. I will also guide you on your journey and to help you reach your goals.

Having been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years and a master teacher worldwide, I was driven to create this direct online channel to connect artists worldwide not only for training, motivation, guidance and inspiration, but to also build and establish a unicorn community.

Looking back on my career as a young aspiring artist, I realized the importance of having a mentor to answer questions and push me further than what I thought I was capable of. Through Mia Michaels Live, I will not only be your teacher, choreographer and mentor, but I will also be a friend.

Go on this journey with me and experience Mama Mia in full effect.

Get ready to be inspired!


Each month you will get access to an hour long master class of Mia's raw training and unique choreography, where you will take class with established and celebrated dancers who have been featured not only in Broadway shows,film,T.V.,but also in world renowned dance companies. All in the comfort of your own home or studio.

This is the opportunity to hone in on your craft while feeling as though you are in the studio with Mia and these extraordinary artists. With each class, you will enter into a hidden oasis in New York City, also known as her “sacred barn”, where some of her most celebrated works have been created. Your master classes will be archived and then stored in your own private vault with access to your MML collection at any time.

With your membership, you will also have access to the "Unicorn Circle” a safe and nonjudgmental mentorship program designed to nurture the artist within and set you on the road to success. Whether you want to join the group mentoring session which is part of your membership, or upgrade for your one-on-one private with Mia, this online program has limited space, so don’t wait!

You will also get exclusive access to her online and endless “Open Door” forum with Mia and all the MML unicorns. Each month Mia will also pick one dancer, one choreographer, and one studio to feature as “Artists of the Month”… which will then immediately put you in the running for “Artists of the Year”! Look out for this challenge! Mia is always looking for fresh new talent to bring with her onto projects, not only as performers,but as creative assistants. This could be you! You will also have access to download Mia’s monthly music picks and original music that has been created exclusively for Mia Michaels Live. You will also have private access to updates, auditions, events, performances, news and discounts, and get a sneak peek of behind the scenes pics and videos during the making and shoots of MML.

Join the Movement now and begin your creative journey with Queen Unicorn herself!

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